Thursday, November 20, 2014

Awesome Mail Day From Michael S.

I got a sweet mailday today from my friend, Michael S. off of Instagram.  He and I worked out a deal for a Jeff Bagwell jumbo relic that I had finally gotten in from a kid who almost got away with not sending cards to me.  Luckily, I got the relic and in turn flipped it to Michael in exchange for a card that is shown lower on this post.

That's right, Michael included this Brooks Robinson 2005 Fleer cut auto (at least I think it's a cut auto) that is numbered 21/25 to me for free.  He made a point to tell me that it was very difficult to part with the Brooks because it was a gift to him from his father, and being the family man that Michael is, he really values anything that has that kind of connection to him.

Michael told me that he sent me the card because of all of the things I have done for him and others in the trading community.  While I don't feel like I'm all that special (one of my favorite quotes from another friend of mine is "You ain't special"), the gesture is most appreciated.
As if the Brooks wasn't enough of a gift, Michael shifted his generosity into overdrive and sent several other Orioles autographs, including the above Frank Robinson auto.  I feel like this Frank is a TTM or IP auto, but it is legit.  These Topps Stars cards look really nice signed in blue Sharpie.
Here is the actual card I traded for.  This is a 1963 Topps Gaylord Perry "Rookie Card."  I use quotes around Rookie Card because his true RC is 1962 Topps, even though this one lists him among Rookie Stars.  The card is still really cool and I was glad to be able to pry it away from Michael.
Back to the Orioles autos, Michael sent this nice Merv Rettenmund auto.  Rettenmund has a really nice signature.
Here is another Orioles legend, and former manager, Davey Johnson.  He's someone whose auto I have been wanting on a ball for a while, since he was a former O's manager, but for now, I will settle for this card.
Finally, I got this Boog Powell auto.  I have met Powell twice now and he is such a nice guy.  I wish he could have had a longer career so there would be more Hall of Fame talk for him, but sadly, he just doesn't have the numbers to back up his candidacy.

Thank you so much for the deal, Michael!  The autos and extra Orioles cards really were a surprise.  I appreciate the gift and the kind words!
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