Saturday, November 29, 2014

Purchased From Rob - 1959 Topps Set Needs

For $35, I got 5 cards off of my friend, Rob, for my 1959 Topps set.  The cards are all decent names, two of which are Hall of Famers.  I got the above Harmon Killebrew, which is in great shape, along with Norm Cash, Bill Skowron All Star, Frank Malzone All Star and Bill Mazeroski All Star.

Malzone has a bit of wax staining across his face, but otherwise, the cards are in great shape.  Rob always hooks me up with great vintage set needs.  If you have Instagram, check him out, @vintagebaseballcardsforsale.

Thanks for the deal, Rob, I appreciate it.  I now need 85 cards to finish my 1959 set.  The end is near!
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