Monday, May 27, 2019

May 2019 Graphing of Potomac Nationals at Down East Wood Ducks

Last week, the Potomac Nationals came to Kinston for the first and only time this season.  Luckily, I finished off most everything that I had for them.  KJ Harrison limited to 2 per, so I had a fvew of his cards leftover, but they were all the same kind of card, so it was ok to miss him there.
I got a bunch of his stuff done, regardless of him putting up a limit.  I helped my friend, Gerard out with a few for 50/50s as well.
I finihed off Nick Banks and Nick Raquet, and I feel like those two will have moved up be the time I see Potomac next season.  Maybe the Nationals will get some good prospects in to take their place.
My COMC order came in before this series started, so I was able to get Kenny Holmberg on his bat boy card from 1993 Classic, and also a 2011 Bowman orange parallel.

I also got a couple 2019 Bowman JP Martinez inserts done, and they turned out really well.  I had to run him down, since he went under the bleachers, but the cards got done.

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