Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1998 Topps Series II Box Break

Here are a few things out of my Series II box. I'm in the process of sorting the cards in order to put the set together, but so far, I have 1-199. I got a finest Clemente insert, which is a pretty nice version of the 1957 Topps. Not bad; I remember the 'protective film' haha.
Can't go wrong with Cal. As you can see, the cards scanned much better today. Must have been operator error.

I like this Maddux insert. A good shot of Maddux looking like a professor, which is what he was, the Professor of Pitching. He could probably get people out today and still win 10-12 games with the right team...

I thought this card was fitting, since this was 1998 Topps. McGwire was on the cusp of his most glorious achievement... then his fall from grace. Kinda weird to see it right before it happened. If we knew then, what we know now...
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