Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rest in Peace, Virgil Trucks

 I regret to inform you all, through tears and a heavy heart, that Virgil 'Fire' Trucks passed away yesterday at the age of 95.  He would have been 96 on April 26.  He was a great friend to this blog, having been the subject of numerous posts due to his unyielding generosity to fans of all ages.  He might not have been a Hall of Famer, but he was a Hall of Famer in my heart and mind.  I will always remember him and he will be one of my heroes as long as I live.
 Mr. Trucks was probably one of the most prolific TTM signers there ever was.  He would sign anything and everything folks would send, never asking for a fee.  His only request was that if the signature meant that much, maybe one would consider a donation to his local church.  I donated to his church on many occasions, not because I wanted an autograph, but because I felt that this would be a true thank you to a great man, to donate money in his name to help others.  I believe this was very befitting of him.
Mr. Trucks was the subject of my first and so far only player interview for this blog.  To me, this was the high water mark for this humble endeavor and I will never forget being able to sit for a minute and chat with him about Ted Williams and Satchel Paige, among others.
You can read my interview with Mr. Trucks right here.  I'm so glad I recorded the interview and have it saved.  I have only let my wife, son and my very good friend, Drew listen to the interview.  I think that will end up being one of my most valuable pieces of memorabilia in my personal collection - the ability to go back years later, to hear his voice and to hear his recollection on the past of the game that he loved so much.
I sincerely hope that Mr. Trucks knew just how much he was loved by fans of all ages.  I don't shed tears often, but I definitely did when I read of his passing.  I loved the man.  I marvel at his generosity toward folks he had never met.  He was a war hero, a sports hero and a baseball icon.  He will be terribly missed and I am so very thankful that I was able to interact with him over this brief time.  I truly am honored and I definitely will miss him.  Rest in Peace, Mr. Trucks, from me, and everyone in this hobby that loved you so much!
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