Friday, March 29, 2013

What a Shame

I did an Ebay search tonight because I'm looking for old photos of Virgil Trucks that might be fitting to frame and put on my man cave wall.  I'm also looking and seeing what cards of his are available that I still don't have in my Trucks PC.

I saw something tonight that really made me sick.  It also showed me why the TTM hobby is dying.  One of the sellers on Ebay had put up for auction, the post it note that Mr. Trucks had personally written to the guy when he requested autographs (that's right, plural) TTM.  I'll post what was written on the note (I don't want to give the guy any publicity, so I will not be linking the auction):

Hi ******,
Glad to sign your cards and enclose a card for you.  I hope I don't see any of these I've signed for you on the internet.  I don't know why you want this many signed.  Good luck, Virgil Trucks.

The guy had the balls to actually put this note on Ebay.  Not only that, he has 26 other items up for bid and they are all of either Virgil Trucks or Gus Triandos, both TTM signers who have just passed away.  Each autcion heading starts with DECEASED.  Clearly, this guy is trying to cash in on someone's passing.

The reason I send off for TTM autographs is because I enjoy being able to interact, even if it is for only a little bit, with some of these folks who played so long ago, most people have forgotten about them.  I imagine in my mind that most of them enjoy getting a letter in the mail from someone who took the time to look them up.  I just can't imagine ever selling any of the personal notes and letters that any one of those players has sent me.  Especially not Mr. Trucks.
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