Sunday, March 7, 2010

1948 Bowman Stan Musial 'Rookie Card' - Ultimate Vintage Mail

Oh man. When I got in from the card shop yesterday evening and checked my mail, this card was in the box (along with a card I picked up and flipped to Max).

Mmmm, my 1948 Bowman Stan Musial. Wow, it really looks good. Yeah, ok, there is some staining, but once again, ask me if I care! I'm super stoked that I now own this card.
The back is a little rough too, but I'm sure that is why I got it at the price I was able to pay. I looked up the 1948 set and realized that it only consists of 48 cards. A very doable number, and I have knocked out 3 of the heavy hitters right away. There is a strong possibility that I will pursue this set at some point. The biggest cards in the set are the Musial, Berra and Rizzuto...
Thoughts anyone?
Also, guys, take a look at my previous entries for this week, as I posted a good bit of entries on Friday and have gotten a very minimal response. Comments are definitely welcome and appreciated. I like knowing people read my stuff, lol.
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