Monday, March 15, 2010

1998 Topps Series I Box Break

I picked up a box each of 1998 Topps from not too long ago, but me, being the rocket scientist that I am totally forgot to change my address on their order form, so the boxes got shipped to my old house. So, they finally came today... For some reason, my scanner did not appreciate the gloss on these, note the glare at the bottom. Lame. Anyway, still doesn't take away from the above awesome shot. One of the best shots I've seen in any Topps Issue...

Hahahaha, Pete Rose, Jr. fresh from the first pack I opened. Awesomeness at its finest.

BRADY!!!!!! Yaaay Brady. He's still the man.

My response to this one is just... HUH? Someone must have watched The Wrestler (I bet no one else gets that reference...).

Finally, I pulled an Etch-a- sketch insert. Albert Belle... someone cue the Epic Fail music...
So, comment it up guys!
Also, please check out my best friend Max's blog, he is writing in full force lately...
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