Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some More Bargain Bin Pickups - Brooks Edition

No mail today.  I can't really complain, though, since I got that awesome Babe Martin TTM success yesterday.  I picked up 10 different Brooks Robinson cards for my PC last week at the Kinston shop.  I don't even know if I had any of them or not, but they were cheap enough that I pretty much created a pile of ones that I thought looked cool.
I got 2 different versions of this 2003 Fleer Rookies and Greats.  This one is the blue parallel that is numbered 226/250.  I think these cards look really sharp.  Probably sharp enough for me to look and see what the checklist looks like.
Here is a 1998 Topps Hall of Fame Brooks Robinson.  I like this card.  Probably even more now that I have seen Brooks' plaque in person.

The other Brooks cards are nice, too, but I wasn't going to scan them all, sorry.  I hope to have more stuff to post soon.  Either by trade or some more TTMs trickling in.  I've got my fingers crossed at least.
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