Sunday, October 2, 2016

Chris Davis Pickups From The National

A couple things before I begin this post.  I passed 500,000 page views yesterday.  That's pretty significant, so I would like to thank you all, and all of the bots clicking on my blog and maybe giving it a read.  I don't respond to all of the comments, but they are appreciated and I encourage you all to continue.  Thank you so much!

Also, I dusted off my lucky 2005 Brian Roberts jersey for today's game.  I figured there may still be some magic left in there after I called his walk off homer in the June 28, 2005 game.  The Orioles need to win today to assure themselves of a playoff spot.  An Orioles win and Jays and Tigers losses would give the Orioles the Wild Card game at home.  I really hope they can win.
I still have tons of stuff to show off from the National.  I believe I will be posting about the National up until Christmas.  I lumped all of the Chris Davis PC pickups into this one post because I didn't really find too many cards of him that really stood out.  Of course, there was the one Museum Collection quad that warranted its own post.  These were just a few base and parallel cards I needed but hadn't pulled or picked up yet.  I did find the Panini America's Pastime auto at the top of the page in a discount box for $5.  It is an on-card auto and is numbered 18/75.

The above 2016 Topps Archives is nice, but I really want to find the Desert Shield parallel.  I looked around the show while I was looking for the Cal, but didn't locate one.
I liked this year's Gypsy Queen.  I wasn't sure I had Davis's base card, and I couldn't access my inventory list since my phone dropped dead at the show every day, so at a dime, I didn't mind picking this up.
Finally, 2016 Topps Chrome had just been released prior to the show, so I didn't have any of the Davis cards yet.  I found a guy who had busted a case and took his Orioles for a cheap bulk price (that included the Joey Rickard auto I posted earlier).  I was wondering a few days ago why I didn't have them listed in the inventory list.  Now I know why; I hadn't posted them yet.
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