Friday, October 28, 2016

Birthday Gift From Zach

Although my birthday was a month and a half ago, a few care packages have still come in to commemorate it.  One such package was from my good friend, Zach, whom I have sincerely enjoyed getting to know over the last few months.

Zach is a really nice guy from California who I have been helping with his Chris Betts PC and also sending him some Mike Trout and Red Sox cards.  I have really enjoyed helping him grow his collection.

He sent me some nice Orioles cards for the PC, one of which is the above 2011 Topps Zach Britton RC.  Britton has a strong shot to be named the AL Cy Young Award winner, which would be a really awesome accomplishment.  He had an amazing year, and I hope the award seals it.
Zach also included these two autograph cards.  I honestly haven't heard of Jacob Nix but I do know who Mitch Moreland is.  However, both cards are really nice, and I appreciate Zach sending them along.

Thank you so much for the birthday gift, Zach!
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