Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dec. 2012 Raleigh Card Show Part 3 - Oriole Pickups

One of the best parts about the December 2012 Raleigh show was that there was a new vendor there selling all of his 2012 inserts.  He had busted cases of 2012 Bowman and 2012 Bowman Chrome and was practically giving away the inserts.
I have been wanting some Bowman Red Ice parallels for a long time, but because they are numbered to 25, they are hard to come by.  He sold me this J. J. Hardy Red Ice parallel for $3.00!!  I have seen most Red Ice parallels go between $15 and $25, so I had to jump on that deal.
I also got several other Oriole parallels, including these two Bowman Chrome green parallels.  I think these look really nice.  I'm a fan of the colored Chrome parallels, when they are of players I want, so I was glad to grab a few greens for the collection.
I was able to get some Bundy cards from the guy as well...  I got the above Bobby Bundy in my package of O's inserts and the guy also sold me a couple parallels of Bobby Bundy's younger brother, which I will blog tomorrow.  All of these cards, including the Hardy, were sold to me for $6.00.  A STEAL!  So, stay tuned to see the 'other' Bundy's I picked up!
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