Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Virgil Trucks Update

We were going to try to visit Mr. Trucks tomorrow, but after speaking with his wife this morning, I am going to give up on that idea.  Mr. Trucks has requested that he receive no calls or visitors at all.  Apparently, he isn't even wanting visits from certain family members.  His wife told me that the best that can be done now is to send get well cards to his home address and she will deliver them to him.

She did tell me that after he is out of the hospital, he will be going to a rehabilitation center in Birmingham, AL, but after that, he will not be able to return home.  He will be put into a nursing home after the stay in the rehab center.

She and I exchanged pleasantries after she told me this news, but it really seemed that she was about to break down.  I'm  not going to lie, I, myself, got pretty teary eyed listening to her discuss his health.  It definitely does not look good.  I recommend everyone continue to keep him in your prayers, but I believe his days of honoring everyone's TTM requests has come to an end.  Instead of requesting autographs from him, I think we should all focus on his health and the well being of his family.

I'm very sad that I didn't get a chance to meet him, but I was lucky enough to speak to him on the phone when I did my interview with him a few years ago.  He is a great man and has always done everything he could for his fans.  Now it is our turn to do for him by praying our hardest that he comes through, or in the worst case, that his pain doesn't last very long and that he doesn't suffer.

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Commishbob said...

Thanks for the update William. Let's hope he gets the care he's going to need when he gets to the nursing home. Dealing with the needs of a guy of his age, especially after an injury, can be daunting. The home is probably the best choice for him.

He'll remain in my thoughts.