Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hey Look! A Trade With Nick!

I got my first package from a fellow blogger in quite some time on Saturday; it was a package from my friend Nick over at 'Baseball Dime Box.'  Nick is a really good guy whose blog has quickly become one of the better ones around.  He has a ton of regular features and his writing style is simply amazing for a guy who is so young.  Head over there and check it out.

I send Nick packages of cards at random and the cards I send him are pretty random as well.  He enjoys the thrill of a good gem, found among a sea of 'junk wax' and I enjoy finding cards which I feel that he would enjoy.  In exchange for my many packages, Nick sent me a stack of Orioles cards that he found during some dime box digs.
This 1997 Topps Sweet Strokes Rafael Palmeiro is a really nice card.  It looks even better in person.  The cars actually looks as if it had come out of a more recent pack, instead of 1997 Topps. 
Here is a 1999 Bowman Chrome Jerry Hairston card.  Hairston has gone on to have a pretty decent career as a journeyman infielder, even winning a ring with the 2009 Yankees.  Hairston, you may remember, is the guy who Brian Roberts beat out to become the Orioles' starting second baseman beginning in the 2004 season.  Personally, I preferred Roberts back then and even today with all of his injuries, I still prefer Roberts.  Nothing against Hairston, but the North Carolina born Roberts will always be one of my favorite Orioles.
Nick also added a nice 2004 Upper Deck Bob Feller.  This is a really cool card that I did not yet have in my Feller PC.  I intend to expand my Feller collection and hopefully will build a page on here showcasing some of my Feller cards.  I'm getting there.  That will hopefully commence once I find my '51 set.  Yeah I haven't found it yet, still looking.
Finally, Nick included this 2012 Topps Gold Nick Markakis.  I love the gold cards from this year and the diamond ones from last year.  I'm hoping the 2013 flagship set can build on the quality of parallels that we have seen from the last few years because these are simply some nice cards.

Thanks again for the awesome stuff, Nick.  I'll hopefully find you some more cool stuff as I continue to purge my collection and as I head to some more shows.
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