Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen Box Break

I'm starting to feel better, so hopefully, this illness is moving behind me.  I meant to post the results of my Gypsy Queen box break the other day, but I wasn't really feeling up to it, so here it is today.
I got a couple Orioles, including the above Brooks Robinson and the below Nick Markakis.
I got two different Tim Lincecum cards, so one has to be the SP variation.  Not bad, considering they will be assumed into my son's Lincecum collection.  I'm glad I got his variations as opposed to someone else's.
I was supposed to get 2 relics and 2 autos, but I got 3 autos and 1 relic.  I got autos (on card) of J. P. Arencebia, Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seagar and a relic of Brian McCann.
Finally, I got some nice minis as well.  I got basic minis of Bob Feller and Babe Ruth, a Green mini of Mickey Mantle, black minis of Nick Markakis and Sandy Koufax and an exclusive mini of Adam Jones.
I think I did pretty well with the box break.  I'll be able to sell off a good bit of it at the upcoming card show and make my money back.  It would have been nice to pull the Koufax auto, but oh well, I can keep dreaming.
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