Thursday, March 8, 2012

Set Complete - 1970 Topps

FINALLY!  I have finally finished my 1970 Topps set after working on it for around 3 and a half years.  About time!

This set was pretty hard to complete.  The Nolan Ryan was the most expensive card in the set for me, followed by the Hank Aaron.  I did really well on the Thurman Munson RC, paying only $9.00 for it.  The completer card (final card I needed) for the set was the above Don Money, card number 645.

With this set now complete, I will now turn my attention to 1959 and 1969.  You will see those two sets added to my want list very soon.  Those sets should scan a lot better, especially the 1959s.  I'm really looking forward to adding some '59s for sure.

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