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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 Topps Home Run Heroes Mickey Mantle

No mail again today.  Sad face.  So, here is my Prime 9 Home Run Heroes Mickey Mantle that I picked up last week.
I like the idea of going to the LCS and picking up the cards as every time I have gone, I have picked up some extra packs anr/or loose cards to go with it.  I picked up the previous week's Prime 9 card, but for the life of me, I couldn't tell you where I sat it.  That's pretty sad.  It might help to tell you that I currently am organizing my show boxes for the April 7 show.  I feel like I am just about set.  All I have to do is price some stuff.

As far as the Mantle card, I actually have two of them, so I plan on slapping a price on one and putting it in my showcase for the show ans see if I can sell it.  Here's to hoping.

I really like the cards.  They are much better than the Topps Golden Giveaway codes, which are pretty much useless to me.  At least with these, I know I'll be getting a card.  I can't wait to see who else I end up with as the new weeks come.  I have 3 more to redeem.
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