Friday, December 2, 2011


Do you all remember the Nolan Reimold bobblehead that I posted in this entry?  Or what about when I met Nolan, which I posted here.  Well, apparently when a google search is done for "Nolan Reimold bobblehead" on Google, my blog comes up.  I discovered this over the Thanksgiving holiday when I got an email message from Nolan's wife, Jenny.

The bobblehead, which was given out at Bowie during the 2010 season, has become pretty hard to come by.  From what I heard from a friend of mine who went to the actual game, a lot of them were broken when they were received.  I scored mine off of ebay right after the game and kept it on the file cabinet in my office.

When Mrs. Reimold emailed me, asking me if I would be willing to send her the bobblehead so she could surprise Nolan for Christmas, I didn't hesitate at all to send it to her.  In exchange for the bobblehead, Mrs. Reimold sent me some really cool stuff.

First, I got this signed 2010 Upper Deck.  I loved the design of the 2010 set, so this one is especially awesome with Nolan's auto on it.

But wait, there's more...  They also included these two signed, game used, batting gloves.  These are the first batting gloves of any kind that have been added to my collection.  I can't stress enough how amazing it was to get these in the mail!  They look so cool.  I need to figure out exactly how I want to display them.

Finally, in a complete surprise, I got this picture, which Mrs. Reimold got from my Facebook page (I think) and enlarged so that Nolan could sign it.  This is going to be taken tomorrow so that I can have it framed.  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to hang it on the wall in the 'man cave' so that everyone who comes over will see it upon entry.

I want to thank Nolan and his wife Jenny for being so completely awesome to me, all because I was fortunate enough to get one of his bobbleheads.  I have often wondered about whether or not actual players and/or their families see this blog.  I now know that at least one does, which is such a bonus for me.  I do this blog purely out of my love for the game and the joy of collecting.  I don't make any money from it (my career is in the geology/environmental consulting field).  I hope Nolan and Jenny check out the blog often, because in my opinion and the opinion of a lot of Orioles fans I know - NOLAN DOESN'T SUCK!!!

**UPDATE:  If you check out the comments below, the Reimolds read this post and informed me that those batting gloves are, in fact, the gloves that he wore on the final day of the 2011 season.  That was the game that the Orioles won to take the Red Sox out of contention for the playoffs.  Nolan went 1-3 that game and hit the game tying double in the 9th inning.  Wow, so amazing!
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