Monday, December 5, 2011

Biggest Card Regret?

I'm sure all of us have one or two cards that we have traded or sold that we wish we had held onto.  I have been selling cards on Ebay since 2006 or so and have been selling at shows for the past year.  There is one card that sticks out in my mind as one that I really wish I had not parted with.  Of course, I got a good bit of money for it (it sold for around $100 on Ebay), but that's not the point.

I pulled this awesome Buck O'Neil sweet spot auto from 2007 Sweet Spot Classic while I was still working at the card shop.  Of all the cards I have sold on ebay (I keep the scans on my computer), this one is the one I regret selling the most.  I'm not sure what Upper Deck was doing when the auto was mounted on the card, but it has a definite character of its own. 

I hope to add Buck O'Neil's auto to my collection again (on a baseball).  I would prefer to add him to my HOF collection, that is, if the Hall ever puts him in.  O'Neil's omission from the Hall is definitely the subject of much debate.

Do any of you have that one card that you wish you had not traded or sold, and what would it be??
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