Saturday, August 24, 2019

2019 National Free Signer - Rick Reuschel

I got him TTM a few years ago, but I was able to add some more Rick Reuschel cards to my album when I met him at the National this year.  Reuschel has since stopped signing TTM, and of course I screwed up and didn't send the two most important cards to him.

For whatever reason, I left out the 1987 Topps, so I was able to finally cross it off of my set checklist.
I didn't yet have these cards done by Reuschel, so it was nice to get them done.  He took a ton of my Wild Card vouchers, which was even better.  I was able to get rid of most of the old ones that I had, and that proved to be a big help in getting a lot of cards signed throughout the event.
While I was really glad I got my 1987 signed, this 1977 Big League Brothers card was the one that I really wanted to get signed.  I had gotten Paul Reuschel on the card TTM back in 2016 or so, and I was afraid that if I sent TTM to Rick (especially since he hadn't been signing), it would get lost.

The card is finally complete and will go back in its place in my album.

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