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Monday, July 18, 2016

Adrian Marin IP Autos From Michael

My buddy Michael hooked me up recently when he took some Adrian Marin cards that I had sent him and got them signed for me.  He has met Marin several times and arranged to get me some autos.  Marin was a 3rd round draft pick by the Orioles out of a Florida high school.  He is currently in AA Bowie where he is batting .242 with 3 home runs across 79 games.

I really appreciated Michael going out of his way to get these cards signed for me.  I appreciated even more that I was able to go out to dinner with Michael recently when I was in Baltimore.  He has been a good friend for a long time, and any time I am in Baltimore, I try really hard to meet up with him.

Thanks so much for the autos, Michael!
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