Saturday, September 7, 2013

More 1971 Topps From Sportlots

I am now 12 cards away from finishing my 1971 set after receiving 7 more cards that I needed.  One of which is another appearance on the blog of Jim "Mudcat" Grant.  Check out those sideburns.  I kind of wish the condition of this card, and the other 6 that I got were in a little better shape, but that is a common theme with both the 1971 set and trying to build a set consisting of High Numbers on a budget.  I did get a nice unmarked version of the final checklist for the set, so that's a plus.  I always feel weird paying good money for a checklist, but I guess when the set is 42 years old, a checklist can become a tough card to get.  Oh well.

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