Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ebay Pickup - 2013 Topps Red Nolan Reimold

Well, the 2013 regular season ended today with an Oriole win over the Red Sox.  The O's will be going home as the Red Sox will advance to face the winner of the wild card.  The wild card winner will be any one of the three teams of the Rangers, Rays or the Indians.  Of course, as I am writing this, the Rangers have not yet assured themselves of a play-in game to the play-in game.  They are leading the Angels by two after seeing the Rays and Indians win earlier today.

So, on the final day of the season, I wanted to show another addition to my Reimold PC in the above 2013 Topps Target Red parallel.  I like the red border because it really pops.  If you are familiar with this blog, you will know that I do enjoy a red card due to its being able to jump off a page (see my posts on 1954, 1958 or 1959 Topps).

I hate that the Orioles didn't make the playoffs, but I am kind of glad the season is over.  It will be good for the guys to reflect on the season and refresh themselves in preparation for next year.  I think the Orioles will be a force next year, so let's get the guys recharged and go for it all.
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