Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jumping Off Point?

The Orioles crapped the bed again tonight, leaving their record at 1-11 to start the season. They held the lead until one out in the bottom of the ninth. A series of bizarre (shitty) plays later, and boom, another loss.

I'm so disenchanted with this season, and we are only 12 games into it. I am ready for the season to be over.

I have no confidence that this incarnation of the Orioles will ever post a winning record.

I am certain Dave Trembley will not be the manager next week.

I am finding myself ready to pile all of my Orioles gear up and light a match to it.

I'm pissed off. I have every right to be. I have bled Orange for 21 years. I don't deserve this at all.

I am ready to file for divorce from the Orioles after 21 years of irreparable damage.

I'm almost past the point of not caring for them. Tell me I'm not a true fan? Try going through what I have been going through the past 12 losing seasons and having all hopes for the 2010 season dashed in 12 games and you tell me if I'm being unreasonable.
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