Thursday, October 11, 2018

Another TTM Success From Whitey Ford

I was worried that this card was lost forever, since it took so long for it to come back from Whitey Ford.  I had mailed to him in October of last year, along with a check for $40.00, and got the card back unsigned.  The check had been cashed, which I found out due to my online banking.  I found it odd that the card came back unsigned, so I wrote Ford a letter asking if a mistake was made.

I also included a copy of the canceled check.  I waited and waited, thinking that Mr. Ford had taken my money and ran, and the card would be lost forever.  The card had been given to me by my brother, Andy, one Saturday at the Winston-Salem card shop.  He had used his savings to buy me something he thought I would like, and I did!  After those many years sitting in my box, I thought it would be cool to get this card signed by Ford and add it to my autograph album.  So, you can see why I was so worried that it would never come back!

Finally, in July, the card came back, and I was really excited.  I had originally mailed the card on October 30 and re-sent about a month later in November, then it finally came back on July 28, for a total TAT of 271 days.

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