Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maddux + Thomas = 98

Today's election of Frank Thomas (above) and Greg Maddux (below) pushed my total of Hall of Fame baseballs up to 98.  I figured Maddux and Thomas would get in, and among the other guys eligible between Jack Morris and Jeff Bagwell, I thought that Morris had an outside chance.  Now, since Jack Morris didn't get in on his 15th try, he will have to wait until at least 2016 to have a shot.  This is when he will be first eligible for the Veterans Committee.
Maddux was named on all but 16 ballots.  I can't believe that 16 people who claim to be writers with a knowledge of baseball would leave someone like Maddux off of their ballot.  I won't go into a rant about idiots who have the honor of a vote, yet, leave their ballot blank because "no one should be unanimous" but if I had the honor of a vote, I definitely would use it.

That being said, it doesn't matter.  Maddux, Thomas and Glavine are in and join Joe Torre, Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa on a very crowded 2014 induction class.  I would love to be there to hear the speeches, but I doubt I will be able to attend a second year in a row.

I'm really happy to now be able to say that these three guys that I watched growing up are Hall of Famers.  I believe that next year's class has the potential to be almost as big, with Biggio seemingly on his way to enshrinement and the additions of Randy Johnson, John Smoltz and Pedro Martinez to next year's ballot.  We'll see, though.
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