Friday, October 19, 2012

1,000th Post and an Ebay Pickup

Well, I have reached my 1,000th post.  Wow.  Who would have thought way back in November of 2008 that I would reach 1,000 posts on this blog.  I sure didn't think I would.  I didn't really have anything major planned for my 1,000th post like other bloggers may have.  Just business as usual over here.
That being said, this post does center around a really cool card that I got off of Ebay for around $24.  This is the 2012 Topps Mini Silver parallel Nolan Reimold.  The Ebay listing actually had this labeled as a 'black' parallel, but it definitely is silver(ish).  It might be Platinum, who knows.  Beckett, I guess.  Anyway, I looked on Ebay for some clarification on these and there are listings under: Black, Silver and Platinum.  Interesting.  This card is serial numbered 2/5, so I own 20% of the print run on this card.  Not bad.

So, my 2012 Topps Reimold Rainbow project is looking pretty good from where I sit.  This one is a really awesome addition to my Reimold PC.  I need to find a 2012 Topps printing plate to round this out.  If anyone has one, please let me know because it would be cool to add it also.
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