Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Orioles Fan Fest - More Nolan Reimold Memorabilia

After we finished up at Autograph Station 1, Ryan, Chris and I headed upstairs in the convention center to check out the memorabilia room.  Before we could get too far, I realized that I had a message on my phone.  I checked and it was a message from Nolan Reimold's wife, Jenny.  I had let her know that we would be at Fan Fest and wanted to be able to say hello if she and Nolan were able.  She was kind enough to let me know where she was at, so we made a beeline to that area.

Unfortunately, when we got there, Nolan was busy, but it was really awesome to meet Mrs. Reimold in person.  We also met Ryan Adams' girlfriend.  They both remarked about my replica 1938 Orioles jersey and Jenny handed me a nice surprise...
 More batting gloves!!  It was really cool, since we were meeting her next to the forum stage.  On the big screen there, they were showing the ground rule double that Nolan hit to tie the final game of the season against the Red Sox.  Ryan said "Hey, look, your batting gloves are on TV!"  That was really cool, then to be able to get more of them was even better.  According to Mrs. Reimold, these gloves were also worn in that game.  I guess Nolan uses more than one pair of gloves in a game, which makes sense.  These are signed with a thinner sharpie than the other pair.  I have these put away in my safe while the other pair is on display in my man cave (attached to my awesomely made glove stands).  We parted ways with Mrs. Reimold and worked our way back upstairs to the memorabilia room.  Mrs. Reimold reads this blog, so I would like to thank her again for her generosity.  It can't believe how lucky I am due to this blog.  It definitely is luck and I hope she and Nolan know how much I appreciate this!

In the memorabilia room, you can buy game used merchandise at some ridiculously cheap prices.  I wish I had more cash on me because there was a bunch of stuff that I would have liked to have taken home like a game used jersey, a lineup card or a cracked bat.
I did pick up this game used baseball.  This ball was a foul ball from the June 30, 2011 game between the Orioles and Cardinals.  The ball was hit foul by Nolan Reimold off of Cardinals' pitcher Jaime Garcia.  Reimold hit a home run in that game, by the way...  I got the ball for $20; had I waited til the end of the show, I would have gotten one for $10 but there was no guarantee that this one from Nolan would still be available.  I do know that if I go next year, I will be bringing enough money to buy a lineup card.  I know one will look good on the wall in the man cave...

Next up for my Fan Fest recap will be our second autograph station and meeting a Hall of Famer in person...  Stay tuned!
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