Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baseball Cards in the Hall of Fame

One of the coolest moments I had when visiting the Hall of Fame was when I got to the exhibit that showed the two below baseball cards...

The first being the T-206 'Gretzky' Honus Wagner. WOW. I hit my knees when I saw this card. My heart literally skipped a beat. Normally, I could imagine someone laughing at me when seeing how I reacted to a simple piece of cardboard. Yet, this is certainly not just a piece of cardboard. This card is the reason people collect cards in the first place. The Holy Grail, if you will. $2.9 million at its last auction. Unbelievable. I was ON MY KNEES! It was so amazing to be able to see this card in person. To be mere feet from it. This was such a great feeling.

Another card that I was breath taken by was this beauty. A Gem Mint 10 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle. Holy WOW. Gem Mint 10. Is that even possible? This card is the reason why Topps is around. My dad distinctly remembers putting this card in his bicycle spokes as a kid. Countless grandmothers have thrown them away. Topps, themselves, dumped a load of them in the Hudson River. Let's dump it in the river!!! Wise idea, guys. Of course, had they not done that, the card would be everywhere.

This was an amazing part of the Hall of Fame. There was so much more, too, but these cards were so amazing! I hope you all enjoy looking at them, too.

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