Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Got a New Digital Camera

I was complaining last night about how my digital camera was on it's last legs. Well, I went to Best Buy today and got a new camera. I figured it was about time, since the one we were using was purchased about 7 years ago. A little outdated maybe? I got one that has a lot of awesome features, which I think will be cool to use when taking pictures for this blog.

I used my Robin Yount autographed baseball to quickly show off a couple of the features. I will be taking a vacation later in the month, so it is nice to practice some of the techniques now, so I can fully understand them by the time I head out on said vacation...

This first picture is of the Yount ball using the Vivid Colors feature. As you can see, the signature really pops off of the ball. I think this autograph in particular works like this because he signed it so bold in the first place.

Here is the ball with the Vivid Colors feature when i forgot to turn the flash off... It still looks pretty awesome, though.

I thought I'd give Black and White a try. Its sad that my old camera didn't even have a B&W feature (tat I know of), since I have always loved depth and shading dating back to my art class days. I used to draw pen and ink very well and always enjoyed the various shading techniques. Yeah... I'm very partial to Black and White.

Now, this is a really awesome feature. The color filter feature where you can select one color that you want shown while everything else is black and white. I chose Red, since I thought the stitches would be the most contrasting thing that would show up vs. the black and white backdrop. Pretty cool, right?

Finally, here is a normal shot of the ball with the new camera. Looks so much better than when I took the picture of the ball with my old camera (here).

So, I think, with my baseballs at least, I'm going to try the Vivid Colors feature for blogging purposes. I can't wait to try the camera out at the Kinston Indians game that I'm planning on going to on Friday. We'll see how some of the other features look.

What do you guys think? Its about time I got an updated camera.
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