Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Need Help - Who's Autograph is This? (UPDATED)

My parents are in the process of purging a lot of things from their house and I came across this autographed baseball on my mom's shelf in her room. The ball holder had a LOT of dust on it and I cleaned it off. I was thinking that this might be Roger Clemens, initially, but I doubt it now. She would have gotten the ball between 1993-1995, I think. She thinks she has a COA somewhere, but she can't remember where she put it.

So, I am challenging all of you: Does anyone have an idea of who's auto this is? I would greatly appreciate some info. I'm sure it is someone pretty obvious, I mean, if my mom bought it, then it had to have been a star...

I appreciate your help!!!

**UPDATE - Blog readers Greg, Jim and Babe-O-Licious all were helpful and let me know that the auto is of Ryan Klesko. I imagine mom bought it back in the day because Klesko was very popular (and had a solid career in the majors). Thanks everyone for your help!
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