Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!

So, we walked down the road to the Sheetz station this morning to get some coffee and hot chocolate. I've had just about enough snow I can handle. I remember being in school and loving it when it snows. My brothers, sister and I would play outside in it from the time we got up until well after it got dark. Nowadays, not so much.

So, I'm stuck inside with not much to do. I paid bills, cleaned up a little, took a nap, watched some TV, talked to some people on facebook and now, I'm about to begin partaking of some adult beverages and find a good movie to watch. Long story short? I'm effing bored, haha. So, let's catch up on a blog why don't we?

A couple weeks ago I bought a pack of UD Icons and Topps 206. I do not pack search, even though it would be quite easy to do so. I ended up getting two awesome GU Jersey cards out of the two packs I opened.
First up, UD Icons Legendary Icons Ozzie Smith. I really wasn't a big Icons fan this year. I really didn't feel that the cards were worth $11.00 a pack. I was very happy with this pull, however. You can never go wrong with an Ozzie jersey.

Next up, the 206 Polar Bear Albert Pujols GU Jersey. Wow, I just realized, I pulled jerseys of two Cardinals icons. Not bad. I'm a big fan of the 206 relic frames. I blogged the sweeet Nick the STICK jersey I got last month. Not bad, not bad. What do you guys think? Stay warm!!!


the sewingmachineguy said...

That Pujols is sweet! Glad the Kaline arrived safely. Peace.

Roy said...

The Polar Bear frame absolutely makes the Pujols jersey. Nice pulls.