Thursday, January 28, 2010

Come Look At My Balls!!

I'm hoping that you are reading this blog entry because you are interested in my BASEballs. If that wasn't the reason you clicked on this... wow. Scary.

Anyway, I knocked another Hall of Famer off my autographed baseball want list. Larry over at sent me this Al Kaline ball in trade for a Sweet Spot WIllie Horton Glove Auto. Pretty fair deal to me. I think the next card show that comes around I will have it authenticated.

Now, I had a Kaline ball before, well I had it for like a day, but it wasn't intended for me at all. I bought it for my buddy and it has a prominent place on his shelf. Now I have my own Kaline!

I'm thinking my next HOF auto ball is going to be purchased online. I found a great place that has scores of autoed baseballs: I've been eyeing Warren Spahn and Ernie Harwell, among others.
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