Sunday, November 1, 2009

...I don't wanna come back down from this cloud...

There isn't a whole lot I can post now that will measure up to the awesomeness of my previous post. I still can't believe it, I actually did meet Brooks. WOW. Still hasn't hit me. Anyway, a nice productive week, in more ways than one. I met Brooks on Monday, got an offer on my house Wednesday night, negotioated and accepted the offer on Friday, had a Yu Gi Oh PreRelease at the shop on Saturday, met up and went to dinner with my best friend in the world today... very very productive week. Oh, I also opened a few packs and got a little mail... Here are the highlights... Effing wow to this one... 4 pc jersys, Ken Griffey Jr the 5th (inside joke there), some guy named Derek Jeter (never heard of him), Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols. Pretty dang good pull, if i do say so myself.
Next up is a little bit of mail from Sportlots. Yay to sportlots. I have a good bit of stuff coming from them over the next few days, so hopefully more blog updates to come...
F Yeah, a NICK THE STICK jersey. Always a good pull for me. Stick is awesome and will continue to be for the Orioles for a long time.
Thanks to Jim, one of my favorite people to watch a game with, I got a 1970 Topps Pagan to knock another high number off my set. Im slowly chipping away at this set, as well as my 55 set. Soon, though, they will be complete and I will move on to 1959!!! Yaaay.

Finally, pulled a by the letter Chris Volstad from 2009 SP Authentic. I like the teal from the Marlins and this card shows up so nice on the scan. What do you guys think?
Finally, in some personal news, we have signed the contract on selling the house, so soon, my finances will have recovered and we will be able to have some cards flowing through here!!! Im so excited! In celebration, I am going to make a purchase off ebay and will share with you all shortly... Thanks for reading, please comment me up. Also, if you haven't, please check my previous post about my trip of awesomeness to see Brooks Robinson!!!!!!!
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