Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nothing new this week... but changes coming soon!

Didn't pick up anything noteworthy yesterday at the shop, it was kind of a slow day. I am currently praying that it doesn't rain today as I am going to attempt to load as much stuff into the truck and haul it to the new 2-bedroom apartment in Greenville. I just found out that my wife will be able to transfer in approximately 2 weeks, so we have to get as much stuff from the house to the apartment as we can. Woo hoo. I am definitely loading my scanner, so hopefully, blog updates will be a little more frequent. We'll see though. Once the house sells and the dust settles, maybe I can finish up some of the sets I started... Hope so!

I leave you with this cool post card I got while in Baltimore. If anyone feels really generous, you can get me tickets for my birthday, haha!!!
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