Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Alright guys. Here it is. Blog entry #100. Are you ready? I started this blog on November 16, 2008, did not have a scanner and had no idea that a month later I would be offered a new position in the company that required me moving 4 hours away and packing all my stuff up, making this a little more difficult.

I have completed several sets, gotten some 'big hits', met some new friends, reconnected with a good friend (my best friend), dragging him along on this wonderful ride which is my life. I had no idea where I was going with this blog (you can see that here), but I feel like it has evolved nicely into what you see today.

I was talked into writing a blog by Pete and P.A. one Saturday at the shop. I cannot thank them enough for giving me an outlet to discuss and show off my cards.

I also need to thank my mom for hooking me up with a LOT of cards over the years... a LOT of them.

I have 24 followers (official, according to blogspot) and others who follow, but have not linked as followers. I have completed several trades. I have a couple still outstanding, we'll see if they get done.

You may ask, what is my favorite entry on my blog? I have two. I posted an entry on Sunday, February 1, 2009 detailing my acquisition of this 1955 Topps Roberto Clemente Rookie Card.

The second one is an entry I posted on Friday July 3, 2009. The videos of Max and I trying the gum from 1988 Topps. I have done some goofy stuff with my friends, but have not recorded it via webcam. The fact that Max plays along and puts up with me (which must be difficult) is amazing. If you guys haven't checked his blog, please do! He's a great guy.

So, now, I turn it over to you guys. What post that i have done is your favorite? What card did you enjoy seeing most? I especially would like comments for this post, since post #100 is pretty important to me. Thanks again guys, and keep reading!!!
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