Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Foulbunt Top Ten - No. 5

We are halfway through my Top Ten list, and I have shown some pretty amazing cards, so far.  There have been some great rookie cards, a sick patch and some really sweet vintage.  Each one of the cards on the list is something that is pretty amazing.  Card No. 5 isn't any different.

I am a huge fan of patches, like I said before, and a unique patch makes them even better.  I also enjoy low numbered cards, because, well, I guess because that's what we are told to do.  Regardless, the next card on the list is in a well-deserved spot and it is all because of the relic and the super low numbering.  So, here we are with card No. 5:
This is a 2014 Panini National Treasures Chris Davis relic numbered 1/2.  The relic is really cool because it is part of the laundry tag from Davis's game used uniform.  I have another card that is in my Davis PC that has a piece of laundry tag, but it is numbered much higher than this one.  I also apparently know where the 2/2 is, but as of today, he still isn't willing to part with it.

I got this card off of Ebay, but I don't remember what I paid.  That's probably a good thing, I do know that I considered this a huge steal.  I feel like I paid only around $50 for this.  Maybe a little more, but not much more.

I have spent a lot of time on my Davis PC this year, and I have some really great cards to show for it.  It is only fitting that one of them was able to make it into the top five of this list.
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