Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mail From Virgil Trucks

I was pleased today to get some mail from friend of the blog, Virgil Trucks, in response to the birthday card and donation to his church that I sent to him in April.
 Mr. Trucks Wrote:

Hi William & Chris,
I received your wonderful birthday card and check and I thank you ever so much for both.  So does my church.  My birthday was great with all my children.  Well Chris could be the first Major league catcher.  Why not.  I send my best to you, Chris and all your family.  Sincerely, Virgil Trucks.

P. S. A few cards for Chris & you.

I was really happy to get the letter back from Mr. Trucks.  I also know he really appreciates the fan mail, so I plan to continue to correspond with him.
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