Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Topps Teaser

The 2011 collecting season is now open. I went to Target tonight to get a couple things and decided to pick up 2 retail packs of 2011 Topps. I have 3 Jumbo boxes coming anytime this week, but I just couldn't help myself get a taste of what is to come for 2011.
Usually, when I complete a set, I post the final card I needed to fill it. I can't remember any single card that actually started a set... until now. The first card that greeted me when I opened my packs was Neftali Feliz. Not a bad way to lead off the year.

For all 4 of yo Yankee fans out there, here is the Derek Jeter I pulled. I have a knack of pulling Yankee cards and no Oriole cards. LAME. Anyway, when I complete the set, we will discuss trade options.

Since Pete was unable to pull a gold card, I figured that I should show the one I pulled. Ronny Cedeno. I definitely could have done better, but oh well. 3 jumbo boxes coming. Can't complain. Haha.

I also got one of the Target exclusive Red Diamond cards. Ryan Braun is definitely a good pull. This will probably end up being sold at the next card show I go to.

Not a bad Walter Johnson. I'm not sure what there cards are called, but I like getting cards of Hall of Famers.

Yep. I pulled another Yankee. CC Sabathia. This will probably be for trade or sale sooner than later.
I'm really excited to bust my jumbos soon. They shipped this evening, so I suspect that they will be here Thursday. Obviously, you all will know because there will be posts up on here soon after.
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