Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nice little trade with my buddy Max.

I opened a pack of 09 SP Legendary Cuts and pulled a Russell Martin GU Jersey and instantly texted Max ( because Martin is his favorite player. He came by the house today to pick up his Martin and other assorted stuff I had gathered for him throughout the week, and while he was there, he opened a pack of Legendary Cuts as well. He pulled this Ripken/Tejada Jersey/Bat card. Pretty SWEET! So, We 'traded' the Martin and a Don Sutton Jersey card for this. He knows that he really is beyond 'trading' with me, as I pretty much give him the stuff he likes and he does the same with me. It is funny how it worked out though. I may try to get some more of the Legendary Cuts, I think they are some really nicely designed cards...
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