Friday, June 12, 2009

MAIL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I got into town today, I had 12 little envelopes waiting for me. AWESOME! Hooray Sportlots. Granted, several cards that were inside were for Max.


Cause I'm a good person. At least I think so. I grabbed up some variation cards that neither he nor IAdd Image would probably get from packs. I take care of my friends. Ok, enough patting myself on the back...

Here are some of the cards I got for myself. I'll let Max blog about his, lol.

Got the Roberts 2009 Topps Gold. I could have sworn i already had this, but apparently not. Who knows though, when you are moving...

Got the Topps Target variation as well. Am I the only one who misses the old school cardboard?

Finally, I got the Wal Mart Black Variation. These are pretty cool. Similar to the Black Border parallel, but not metallic, and not serial numbered. Also, all but the player photo has been washed in black. Reminds me of a Pearl Jam song. 'All the pictures have been washed in Black, tattooed everything...' Ok, thats enough out of me, you know you're in trouble when I start singing.
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