Sunday, May 24, 2009

Upper Deck Series 2 - Witnessed the opening of a 'hot box'

Yesterday was interesting at All About Sports (397 Jonestown Road, Winston-Salem, NC) [Ok, that wasn't a shameless plug at all...]. I opened a pack of series 2 Upper Deck and pulled an auto, and didn't think anything of it. Pete and Kim come in and open two packs and each pulls an auto. P.A. calls later and says that he pulled a jersey card out of his pack... Anyway, this kid Jeremy who comes in sporadically (he goes to NC State, so he comes in when he isn't at school) with his dad, heard about all the autos we were pulling and buys all the packs left in the box...

Of course, I suggestive sold the crap out of that box to him, and my main selling point was 'Hey dude, you could get that Stephen Strasburg card thats going for $350 on ebay right now...'

Of course, he pulled the card. He will put it on ebay, I'm sure. Sad thing is, it quite possibly was the pack that Kim put back in the box... AND, Pete was seconds away from asking Jeremy if he wantedto split the box... OUCH Kim and Pete... Oh well, we'll get to bust our Topps Series II boxes this weekend... Yes, the suspense is KILLING me.

I was able to skim some free cards out of the deal, Pete gave me a nice Roberts while Jeremy gave me two Dodger cards that will become [someone else's] we all know who that is....
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