Monday, May 25, 2009

Revisiting my view on Adam Jones, almost 2 months into the season...

Adam Jones is for real. I honestly believe he will be the Orioles representative to the All Star game. You could make a case for Brian Roberts, and Nick the Stick as well, but really, you and I know that Dustin Pedroia could bat below the Mendoza line and still get an overwhelming majority of the votes at second base (same with Robinson Cano) when players like Ian Kinsler and Brian Roberts are clamoring for a backup spot. We all know baseball doesn't exist outside of New York and Boston. Uggh.

Adam Jones and Nick Markakis are deserving of starting spots on the team, so far, but seeing as Nick always gets slighted when it comes time for the gold gloves to be awarded, I doubt either will get starting nods. It will be the usual suspects, I'm sure. Ichiro definitely will get voted in, and I have no problem with that, he is AWESOME. Jason Bay will get another starting nod as well. I bet Torii Hunter will be the other. Not bad choices, but man, Jones is TEARING it up! I hope he keeps it up, the O's are every bit as terrible as I thought they would be, but man, they sure are fun to watch, unlike past years.
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