Thursday, January 22, 2009

My wife may not be the devil afterall...

No, I didn't accidentally spill holy water on her and she didn't fizz up... she told me to bid on (and I won) an AWESOME Brooks Robinson/ Brian Roberts/ Nick Markakis Topps Triple Threads. She said 'You should bid $100.00 on it... All I had to do was bid $40.00. Got it for $36.00. Of course, when it comes in the mail, she'll grill me about how much I spent on it and conveniently forget she gave me permission to buy it... Its a vicious circle in my life. Seriously, though, I'm pretty lucky I have her, although, she did cost me that sweet Roberto Clemente RC I could have gotten for $225.00 on Ebay... that's the lowest I have seen for that one... Oh well, you can't win em all.
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