Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catching up on Some Mail - Sheamus Autographs

I posted a few months ago about how my buddy Mike came through and got me a signed baseball and book from Chris Jericho. Well, talking about coming through in the clutch, Mike did something AMAZING for my son.

My son, Christopher, has been a fan of WWE's Sheamus for a while now. I'm not sure why, since Sheamus has played a pretty bad guy in his 2+ years on the show. I think maybe it is because he is very identifiable. I mean, he is snow white with fire red hair. I never really cared for the guy until Chris started liking him. When this year's Royal Rumble match came around, I found myself cheering when Sheamus' music hit and he came out. I was also disappointed to see him get eliminated later in the match, and even more sad to see Chris' face. He started crying and hid under the cushions to our couch for a good 5 minutes.
We bought this picture at the January card show in hopes of getting it signed at Wrestlemania, but Sheamus was one of the few wrestlers we DIDN'T meet. We were a little disappointed, but maybe a week after, Mike called and said that Sheamus was doing a signing in Tampa and that he was going to try and go. Knowing that Chris loved Sheamus, Mike said that he would try to bring someone along with him in case Sheamus was signing one item per person and make sure that Chris was able to get something. I told Mike about the photo we had bought, so we mailed it on to Tampa.

A day before the signing, Mike called and said that he had wrecked his truck and probably wasn't going to make it to the signing. I was more concerned that my friend had been in an accident than his ability to make it to an autograph signing.

Mike called me that next day and told me to check his Facebook page, so I logged on and saw... Pictures of him with Sheamus. He said that he burned up the phones all night after he got off the phone with me and all morning of the signing and was able to talk a friend into driving him to the venue. He was able to meet Sheamus and talk to him for a good bit. Sheamus was signing everything put in front of him, so he signed Chris' picture and the below picture for me.

Mike told Sheamus about how this 5-year old boy in NC was his biggest fan and that he cried and crawled under the couch cusions after his elimination from the Royal Rumble. Sheamus told Mike that he felt like doing the same.Finally, in one of the coolest acts I have seen, Mike filmed a short video message from Sheamus to my son... Just awesome. After all of this, I don't care how bad of a character he plays on WWE TV, I will always be a fan of Sheamus. Also, this is now twice that Mike has come through in a totally awesome way for me. I know he says that I have done plenty for him over the years, but I'm starting to feel like I owe him big time for all of this. He's a good man and I'm glad, more than anything, that he wasn't hurt when he wrecked his truck. Thanks a lot Mike, you made Chris very happy.

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