Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 by the Numbers

I'm back. I've been really busy with work and planning my vacation. I appreciate the well wishes, everything is fine. I'd let you all know if something major was going on.

I haven't been able to buy too much new stuff because I'm saving up for my vacation, but I do have some things in the queue to blog about. I split a box of 2010 Finest with Max a few weeks ago, the results of which I will get on here. I also got 2 autographed balls recently that will go in the Memorabilia Museum - Ray Durham and Don Newcombe. I bought the Newcombe myself and the Durham was given to me by my friend Corbin.

So, in order to play catch-up, I need to do my Topps by the numbers:

I opened 3 jumbo boxes at All About Sports, my friendly neighborhood card shop with Pete. Here is the breakdown of what I pulled:

30 - Million Card Giveaway Redemptions
2 - Topps Black (Jayson Werth and Aaron Hill) Both are up for trade
30 - Topps Gold
2 - Do it Yourself Sketch Cards
3 - 4th of July Hat Logos (Jason Varitek, Ian Kinsler and Stephen Drew) All up for trade
30 - Cards Your Mom Threw Out
3 - CYMTO Original Back SPs (Jim Bunning, Juan Marichal and Derek Jeter)
6 - Autos/Relics (nothing special)
30 - History of the World Series
30 - Peak Performance
30 - Legendary Lineage
30 - Turkey Red
30 - 2020 Topps
30 - Topps Attax
30 - Vintage Legends

and ONE SP - The one and only Eddie Murray!!! Wooo for me. I love this card. This is an awesome shot.

I ended up with 3 different Brook's in Series 2. Really happy about that.

Pete gave me this 2131 Topps Gold. Really sweet card. I also got Chris Tillman and Nick Markakis Gold.

Here is the Stephen Drew Hat Logo. I like the D-Backs logo in red white and blue. Pretty sweet.

I'm always a fan of the Turkey Red. Getting Brooks made it even better.
My favorite part of the Series 2 bust was looking for the Vintage Legends. This was a really cool concept showing legendary players on Topps designs that they hadn't originally appeared on. I wish they had more Orioles, but its ok. I'll do a blog on those shortly.
I hope you guys enjoyed. I also hope you like the new blog design. I appreciate the comments from everyone. Please send me some emails looking for trades. I'll try to get on some.
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