Saturday, December 19, 2009

SET COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1955 Topps!!!

It is over. My quest to complete the 1955 Topps set is done. Completed. Game over man, game over.
I received the bulk of the set as a Christmas gift from my mom in 2007. I took a look at the checklist and figured I could get a majority of it done and would have had to wait for the heavy hitters like the Koufax and Clemente RCs, the Aaron, Ted Williams, etc.
I got very lucky on some ebay auctions and when I ended up with the Clemente last year, I saw that I could realistically complete the set. It took me some time to go from 24 cards remaining to 0, especially with the house selling issues, but the time has finally come...
THE SET IS COMPLETE!!!! I am so happy! I intend on scanning each card and blogging them much like the guy who did the 1988 set did. I am so happy that I got this one done!!
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