Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meeting THE Bryce Harper

After a failed attempt to meet super phenom Bryce Harper (super phenom, mainly because of a well timed SI article, and strategic representation by THE Scott Boras) on Saturday, I was able to meet him on Sunday in Winterville at the Team USA 18-U vs Pitt CC game. I watched him lace a double down the right-field line and hit a couple balls to the warning track. There were no fireworks, no 570-foot home runs and cancer was not cured. BUT I was not disappointed. The day was beautiful, I had Chris with me, he had a blast, and we got to see some great baseball played for $5 (although, according to Team USA, the game was supposed to be free...

I already had a signed ball from Harper, which P.A. was able to get for me on Saturday (for my birthday too), so my main goal was to meet Harper and to try to get Chris and Max signed balls.
Harper was a nice guy, he patted Chris on the head and talked to him, and for once, Chris wasn't shy and actually gave up his ball to Harper on the first try. Usually if he has a baseball in his hand, he won't give it up.
All in all, it was a good day, and I like Harper's swing, even if it doesn't cure cancer...
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