Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yet another productive saturday at the shop...

I didn't want to blow up the computer this week. The tournament (although long and SLOW) went off without too many issues... I also got a few cards, especially since I am conserving cash for my trip next weekend. Here is a little bit of what I got...

First, I bought a pack of Piece of History, mainly cause I was bored, but after I opened it, I was pretty glad I did:

Got a really nice Brian McCann patch (part of the tomahawk) 3/25. Not bad!!

Then Jeremy cane in with a good stack of Orioles cards here are two of the highlights:

I really like these. Thanks Jeremy.

Finally, P.A. got a pack of Gouday and pulled this, which was immediately surrendered to me:

NICK THE STICK!!! Woo Hoo. Not too bad a trip this week. I have noticed that since the economy has 'supposedly' started to improve, I am seeing fewer people bring in colections to sell. I do enjoy seeing the old stuff come in, but sometimes, you feel sad to see people have to part with their cards...
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